Vaughn Pinpin Channels Tim Burton In Pokemon Art Project

Vaughn-Pinpin-CharizardI’m not an active Tumblr user, but every once in a while I come across something great that I’m compelled to share. Vaughn Pinpin’s art is one of these occurrences.

I honestly don’t remember how I came across Hat Boy (Pinpin’s Tumblr), but I recently revisited his work and was reminded of how much I enjoy it. Vaughn is an aspiring artist at the UP College of Fine Arts and is probably best known for his Burton X PKMN Project. In this ongoing project, he’s attempting to draw each of the 151 original Pokemon in a completely new style, consciously inspired by Tim Burton.

So far he’s published 41 of the 151 Kanto Region Pokemon, which can be seen here. Here are a couple of my favorites.

As a fan of both Pokemon and Tim Burton, I love how he balances both sides of the crossover project evenly. There is no denying that the drawings are very Burton-y, but the Pokemon still have their original charm and personality (even if sometimes a little bit warped). I can’t wait to see more of the Burton X PKMN Project as the illustrations are published.

The Pokemon art was what I saw first, but is by no means a full representation of Vaughn’s work. With just a skimming of Hat Boy, it’s apparent that Mr. Pinpin is not a one trick pony. Vaughn has designed cool t-shirts, made funny comics, and has talent for all types and styles of art.

Since Vaughn is still a student, I’m sure he could use any and all support. Be sure to explore Hat Boy, follow him on Twitter, and buy something from his Society6 Shop.

Let me know what you think about his art in the comment section below.


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