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Tim Ferriss’ 35th Give-Back Birthday – What I’ve Done & What You CAN Do

Tim Ferriss has issued a challenge. To celebrate his 35th birthday, he is asking people to support students in developing countries through Vittana. Learn how you can help this great cause. Read More…

CERN Scientists Announce Startling New Discovery Regarding Higgs Boson

‘The Godfather Particle’

In a strange turn of events, scientists have discovered the true nature of the Higgs Boson.

Head here for my more serious take on the matter.

RoboCup Bloopers

RoboCup is held annually across the world. It’s a serious competition, but these autonomous robots provide laughs as well. Read More…

Everything You Need to Know About the God Particle – Higgs Boson Explained

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the July 4th discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. It’s an idea that’s way over most of our heads, but I’ve attempted to round up everything I’ve learned and present it in one place. Read More…

Moran Cerf’s Big Breaks – The Man Who Said “Yes” to Robbing a Bank

Moran Cerf tells his personal tale of hacking and robbing banks. This is storytelling at its finest.

Note: I trimmed the video so that it’s just his story.

Why ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is Poised to be the Biggest and Best Film of the Year

In this post I cover why ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will very likely be the best superhero movie ever, as well as the biggest and best film of the year. Read More…

Cookie Monster – Share It Maybe

I despise this song, yet love Sesame Street. Sigh, the catchiness prevails. [Source: BoingBoing]

Mini-Review: ‘Entangled’ by Graham Hancock

My thoughts on Graham Hancock’s fiction debut, ‘Entangled’. Read More…

Mitch O’Connell’s Never Before Seen Psychedelic Hanna Barbera Paintings

Warner Bros. commissioned Mitch O’Connell to do a series of Hanna Barbera paintings in 2004. They never saw the light of day – until now. Read More…

Mesmerizing Lip Sync of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ – ‘I Put a Spell On You’

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins has been reincarnated! This is a must-watch. Read More…