‘SOFEX: The Business of War’ – A Look at the Trade Show for War

Vice.com hits it out of the park once again. You’ve probably heard the term, “military industrial complex” thrown around. It’s not just a conspiracy theory.

SOFEX (Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference) is a giant trade show for war systems in Amman, Jordan. The show’s tagline is, “networking for global security”. Hundreds of generals from all over the world come to SOFEX to buy weapons for their country.

And for something as serious as war, you might think this show would be a somber affair. It’s quite the opposite. After watching Jordan showoff some of their special ops expertise, Shane Smith adds, “If you didn’t know that the military industrial complex was a party, you’d be wrong”.

SOFEX: The Business of War {some explicit language}

Don’t think war is about money? Think again.

16 of the 20 largest arms manufacturers are based in America. The United States gives taxpayer money to countries as foreign aid, so that these countries can in turn buy weapon systems from American companies. This is also why we go to war unnecessarily and far exceed our welcome.

War is a racket.

Source: Vice

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