Ron Paul Speaks to Crowd of 3,000+ at Texas A&M

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was well-received by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and people curious about his message of liberty. Dr. Paul spoke for close to an hour and covered a wide range of the issues he has pushed for years.

His speech focused on liberty, shrinking the federal government, and the dangers associated with allowing the government to incrementally take away personal liberties. Rudder Auditorium was packed to capacity and additional standing room was provided outside for supporters to watch the speech via live feed.

Ron Paul at Texas A&M Full Speech

As usual, he was very critical of Capitol Hill’s out of control spending, senseless wars, and ridiculous nanny state attitude. Who are they to tell us we can’t ruin our lives by drinking raw milk (I think that’s what happens)? He went on to speak specifically about the never-ending wars overseas as well as the failed war on drugs.

In his opinion, a person should be able to (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else) believe whatever they want, say whatever they want, spend their money however they want, put whatever they want into their body, etc. I happen to agree. Just because you allow others the liberty of doing
something, does not mean you endorse it.

He didn’t discuss his campaign or the election at all, but stuck to his guns that the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction. The message of liberty is definitely catching on. I’d like to see Romney attempt to bring in crowds this big, but the fact is he doesn’t have loyal supporters.

I’ll update this post with a video of Ron Paul’s speech whenever it’s available.

What do you think of Ron Paul and his message of Liberty? Comment below.


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