New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie On The Way

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers CastThe remake express is running full steam ahead. Lionsgate announced yesterday that a new Power Rangers movie is on the way.

At this point, it seems every movie/book/tv show/board game/whatever will be remade. Before long we’re going to see remakes of movies a few months after the “original movie”. LET’S REMAKE THE REBOOT!

What is not being remade? TMNT, Star Wars, Godzilla. . . Every new movie is a rehash/remake/sequel/reboot.

Here’s a preview of the 2020 movie release schedule.

  • Q1: Minecraft The Movie, Frozen 6, Batman (reboot), Harry Potter and the Chamber of New Secrets, Chutes & Ladders 3
  • Q2: Hunger Games: Before They Were Hungry, Twilight (reboot), Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never Twice, Star Wars 9
  • Q3: Breaking Bad The Motion Picture, The Land Before Time (live-action reboot), E.T. Saves The Day, A New Inconvenient Truth
  • Q4: Star Wars 9 (remake), 21 Jump Street (reboot), Pacific Rim 2, Liar Liar (reboot), The Godfather (reboot), Citizen Kane 2

Anyway, back to Power Rangers. I loved it when I was a kid. A few years ago I revisited it on Netflix and enjoyed myself because of how hilariously bad it was. The dialogue will make you cringe.

The only way I imagine enjoying the upcoming movie is if they purposefully make it as bad as the original show.

Fun fact: Buckethead played lead guitar on the original Power Rangers movie song ‘Firebird’.

Source: Slashfilm

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