LIFX – Reinventing the Light Bulb for the Modern World

This fully-funded Kickstarter project impressively revamps the modern light bulb.

Phil Bosua recently set out to fund his latest idea via Kickstarter. LIFX caught on quickly and was funded inĀ  matter of days. The project had a goal of $100,000, yet has currently raised over 1.3 million dollar, with 53 days to go.

LIFX is a response to the fact that the design of the light bulbĀ  has remain virtually unchanged since its inception. The video below explains the pitch.

With an estimated lifespan of 25 years and all the very cool features, LIFX is sure to be popular. Personally, I’ll wait until the novelty wears off and the price comes down. I can’t justify spending upwards of $50 on a light bulb.

Interested in buying one? Here’s the LIFX Kickstarter page.

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One response to “LIFX – Reinventing the Light Bulb for the Modern World”

  1. flybye26 says :

    Okay, these are seriously awesome. I never thought I would be so excited about a light bulb.

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