Capcom Releasing ‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ For Free

Mega Man fans rejoice! The Blue Bomber is returning in his 8-bit glory to take on characters from the Street Fighter universe.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a celebration of both franchises’ 25th anniversaries. That said, it’s definitely catered toward the Mega Man fan-base who’ve been begging for a new entry in the series. The game is pitched as a classic, 8-bit Mega Man adventure with Street Fighter characters as bosses. Based on the reveal trailer the game looks great, but judge for yourself below.

I was a fan of Mega Man 9 & 10, which were released as console downloads and returned to the 8-bit style of the first five games in the series. This game follows the same path and seems to pull the same nostalgia strings effectively.

Street Fighter X Mega Man was initially developed as a fan project, but continued to grow as Zong Hui, the creator, received positive feedback. After much work, Zong was able to get a demo of his game into the hands of a Capcom executive. The rest is history. Since the project was officially greenlit earlier this year, Zong has been working on it full time, alongside Capcom. His story is inspiring and a perfect example of hard work and persistence paying off.

“In 2012, this year, I decided to attend EVO 2012 to talk to Capcom in person. I believe what Bruce Lee said, “if you do not ask, the answer would always be no.””

For more information about the game, check out Kotaku’s interview with Zong Hui.

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available as a free PC download on December 17.

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