Two More Eggs Playlists & Complete List of Episodes

Two More Eggs is the genius new series of shorts created by the brothers behind Homestar Runner. The show’s humor picks up right where Homestar Runner left off and is fantastically quotable.

The show was made possible by Disney XD and all episodes are available for free on YouTube. They’ve made 2 seasons of 40 episodes each and I’m already craving more!

Disney XD hasn’t done a great job organizing the videos, but thankfully YouTube user Jamie Spong has put together playlists that have all the episodes in the correct order, as well as playlists that group specific series of Two More Eggs episodes together.

CGI Palz Playlist:

Hot Dip Playlist:

Dooble Playlist:

All Episodes Of Two More Eggs (In Order) Playlist:

Additionally, Wikipedia has a full list of Two More Eggs episodes with short descriptions. Dooblie doo!

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