‘Turbo Fantasy’ – Awesome Animation From Mondo And David Ferguson

Brought to you by Mondo (producers of Happy Tree Friends), ‘Turbo Fantasy’ is a ridiculously fun and silly show by David Ferguson.

If the charming image above doesn’t have you sold on ‘Turbo Fantasy’, check out the pilot episode below.

Ferguson’s art style is great and cracks me up just as much as the wacky stories and dialogue. Some may not be impressed by the animation, which can come off as amateur, but the video below details the creation process and reveals a more involved process than you might have imagined.

It takes a certain kind of viewer to enjoy the humor of ‘Turbo Fantasy’, but I challenge you to watch a couple episodes back to back and not at least crack a smile in frustration. I’ve included my favorite ‘Turbo Fantasy’ episode, “Car Thief”. Be sure to watch “Zombie Dump” as well.

To find all the episodes of ‘Turbo Fantasy’, visit Mondo or YouTube. Also, visit David Ferguson’s personal website Swatpaz for more information on what he’s up to.

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