‘Popee The Performer’

Popee The Performer is a Japanese kid’s show that debuted in 2000. It’s level of weird is impressive.

Popee The Performer only recently came on to my radar, thanks to a BoingBoing post called Mind Blowing Movies. After watching a four minute segment, I was mesmerized and went on to watch several more of the short episodes.  The characters are fascinating and the situations are surreal in a way that would never be allowed on an American kids show.

Thankfully, all 39 episodes are available on js1541’s YouTube channel. The episode below is the one I started out on. Enjoy the antics of Popee and Kedamono.


Anime-Planet sums up the show quite nicely:

“Meet Popee and Kedamono, two very abnormal circus performers that live a very eventful life. Whether they’re performing dangerous stunts, dodging alien abductions or being taken over by a body-possessing frog, there’s never a dull moment at the circus. Alongside the flamboyant Papi and a special elephant car, Kedamono and Popee will traverse an endless desert in search for an oasis, stab each other with knives for target practice and even blow each other up with bombs – but for poor Kedamono, surviving Popee’s homicidal spurts will be difficult to say the least…”

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