‘Parov Stelar’ & the Electroswing Genre

The song above, ‘Booty Swing’, was my first introduction to a style of music known as Electroswing. I was intrigued by the idea of mixing old swing tunes with modern electronic beats and decided to seek out some other Electroswing songs. If you like what you hear, keep reading for some more goodies.

‘Parov Stelar’ (responsible for ‘Booty Swing’) and the Parisian-based ‘Caravan Palace’ are by far the “front-runners” of the genre. This next song is from ‘Caravan Palace’s’ 2011 EP, ‘Clash’.

Caravan Palace – Clash (Original Mix)

It’s pretty hard not to start movin’ and groovin’ when this stuff comes on, but I’m not sure how long I could listen to it continuously. After a while, it all seems to blend together. Then again, that’s what a lot of people think about reggae music, which I love and can listen to for hours. Here’s another one from ‘Parov Stelar’.

Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang

It’s easy to see why ‘Parov Stelar’ leads the Electroswing pack. If you still haven’t had enough, here’s a 30 minute Electroswing mix.

What do you think of this genre? If you have any Electroswing recommendations, share them in the comment section.

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