Kickstarter: New Show From The Totally Rad Show’s Jeff Cannata

Jeff-Cannata-Kickstarter-1After 6 years & 760 episodes worth of content, the internet show TRS (covering all things rad) came to an end this past November. Never fear, loyal fans! While it’s not a complete rebirth of The Totally Rad Show, Jeff Cannata (2 “N”s, 1 “T”) has launched a project on to create a spiritual successor. More info inside.

For those not familiar with The Totally Rad Show (shame), it is billed as the “summer blockbuster of geek news shows”. The show covered a wide variety of popular media (movies, video games, comics, etc.) and even ventured into other adventures such as bungee jumping, marathon running, English tea drinking, laser tag, molecular gastronomy, game shows, and more. I watched TRS religiously all throughout my time in college and am thrilled to see how this new show turns out!

I can’t wait to hear Jeff and his guests’ take on all things geeky (especially board games because Jeff is the god of board games). His enthusiasm is infectious and I love his love for loving things.


The Kickstarter project to get this show made has taken off like lightning! In less than a week, it has already raised over 4 times its original goal of $20,000. This is great, but there is more work to do. Mr. Cannata and company (fondly known as 2N1Team) have released stretch goals, which if reached will extend the scope and staying power of the new show. They are going to produce some pilot episodes and then try to find a more permanent home on the internet or television. If you’re a fan of The Totally Rad Show or this seems like something you’d be into, definitely consider backing the project. Every dollar counts!

Jeff isn’t the only former TRS member doing cool things.

Let me know what you think about The Totally Rad Show and Jeff’s new venture in the comment section below.

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