What Is Iran Really Like?

Garin Etcheberry, an American, recently traveled to Iran to see how the country compares to the picture constantly painted by  U.S. politicians and media.

The results of his experience are eye-opening and beg for a more thoughtful look into the issue of waging wars against far off countries. First, his explanation of what motivated him to embark on this adventure.


Throughout Garin’s 2 week stay he was showered with friendliness by the Iranian people. He was able to see firsthand that it is not a country full of extremists wishing death on all who are different from them.

Since then, he has used Iranstagram.com to compile pictures, videos, and more in the hopes of conveying what he experienced on his trip. When I first visited the site I was blown away by the beautiful pictures and videos. It is definitely a contrast to what we are led to believe about Iran.

As Americans, most of us are so far removed from Iran (and the Middle East in general) that we rarely give any thought to the country or its inhabitants. And when we do, we imagine it as a sparsely populated desert area, with groups of extreme terrorists who have nothing in mind but the destruction of the United States. Combined with propaganda, this lack of connection is what makes it so easy for people to support wars against people we know little about.

In addition to the pain it would cause our own country, I strongly urge others to think of the people and families in Iran before supporting any type of violence or war against them.

Please share and support Garin’s work. Follow him on Twitter and check out his website Iranstagram.com.

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