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Prancercise – The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence

PrancerciseJoanna Rohrback has developed the latest hit in full body exercises. Get ready to Prancercise! Read More…

Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans Video

First there was ‘Goats Yelling Like Humans’ (above) & now there is ‘Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans’ (continue to see). People always have to take it to the next level. . . Read More…

Man Attaches GoPro To Trombone

Here’s a little dose of silliness, courtesy of Lloyd Kahn.

‘Turbo Fantasy’ – Awesome Animation From Mondo And David Ferguson

Brought to you by Mondo (producers of Happy Tree Friends), ‘Turbo Fantasy’ is a ridiculously fun and silly show by David Ferguson. Read More…

Google Image Search Roundup – {Volume 3}

In this article we use Google’s image search to find random images that fit Weird Cool Dumb’s theme. Read More…

Krispy Kreme – Denzel Washington
“Denzel Washington, the best actor ever – he’s so darn cool, he’s so darn clever”

Krispy Kreme – A Southern Speaking Rapper From Alabama

If you haven’t heard the infectious raps of Krispy Kreme, you’re in for a treat. Read More…

CERN Scientists Announce Startling New Discovery Regarding Higgs Boson

‘The Godfather Particle’

In a strange turn of events, scientists have discovered the true nature of the Higgs Boson.

Head here for my more serious take on the matter.

Cookie Monster – Share It Maybe

I despise this song, yet love Sesame Street. Sigh, the catchiness prevails. [Source: BoingBoing]