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Unclaimed Property – Search For Free Money

Before you dismiss this as spam, take a look. State governments keep track of all money/property that is unclaimed and it’s waiting in a database for you to find. Texas alone has 2.6 billion dollars waiting to be claimed. Read More…

Tim Ferriss’ 35th Give-Back Birthday – What I’ve Done & What You CAN Do

Tim Ferriss has issued a challenge. To celebrate his 35th birthday, he is asking people to support students in developing countries through Vittana. Learn how you can help this great cause. Read More…

Moran Cerf’s Big Breaks – The Man Who Said “Yes” to Robbing a Bank

Moran Cerf tells his personal tale of hacking and robbing banks. This is storytelling at its finest.

Note: I trimmed the video so that it’s just his story.


CA$HCATS is a website dedicated to pictures of the internet’s favorite animal posing with large amounts of paper money. Read More…