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Disney’s 2nd Live-Action Dumbo Teaser Not What You’re Expecting

I’m sure everyone remembers the psychedelic trippiness of the pink elephant scene in the original Dumbo, but if you think that was weird wait until you see the latest teaser Disney released for the 2019 live-action Dumbo movie!

Disney is moving full steam ahead and transforming their classic animated movies into live-action versions with lots of CGI. Dumbo is the latest classic getting the live-action treatment and Tim Burton seems to already be putting his spin on the source material. The expected release date is March 2019.

This gives the pink elephants a run for their money!

Globgogabgalab Trippy Animated Song

This trippy video is from the animated movie ‘Strawinsky and the Magical House’. Globgogabgalab! Keep reading for the trailer.  Read More…

How To Talk Like Porky Pig

Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig) explains the formula behind the famous stutter.

How To Be Unremarkably Average In 11 Easy Steps

Unremarkably Average 11 Steps Title It’s easy to be average, but being unremarkably average takes dedication! Follow these 11 easy steps & you’ll be well on your way to averageness. You may be surprised by how many of the steps you’ve already taken! Read More…

Light It Up With Jii – Japanese USB Lighter Commercial

It’s time for some more Japanese weirdness. Here’s your favorite USB lighter, Jii!

“A B C D E F Jii — O P Q R S T USB”

Hanna-Barbera Cartoon ‘Wacky Races’ Brought to Life in French Car Commercial

Wacky RacesA recent live-action car commercial has brought to life the aptly titled 1960s cartoon ‘Wacky Races’. Read More…

Mitch O’Connell’s Never Before Seen Psychedelic Hanna Barbera Paintings

Warner Bros. commissioned Mitch O’Connell to do a series of Hanna Barbera paintings in 2004. They never saw the light of day – until now. Read More…