Breaking Bad’s ‘Felina’ Revealed

Breaking Bad Felina HeisenbergTomorrow night will mark the end to one of the greatest TV shows ever. The final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ is titled “Felina, which spurred Andi Teran to write an in-depth theory on how the show will wrap up. Read More…

Mila Kunis Stars In Lisa Frank Commercial

Mila Kunis Lisa FrankLisa Frank built an empire out of sickeningly sweet neon animals. Bet you didn’t know an enthusiastic Mila Kunis starred in a commercial for the brand! Check it out. Read More…

Bicycle Elevator Provides Access To 30′ Tree House

Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator Ethan Schlussler built a bicycle elevator to access his 30 foot high tree house. Check out his video! Read More…

Grand Theft Auto Teaching Kids To Drive Pianos

GTA Piano Car
The brutality & violence of the Grand Theft Auto series is now teaching kids to drive pianos instead of  play them. Read More…

Light It Up With Jii – Japanese USB Lighter Commercial

It’s time for some more Japanese weirdness. Here’s your favorite USB lighter, Jii!

“A B C D E F Jii — O P Q R S T USB”

The Lonely Island – Semicolon

Here’s a song off of The Lonely Island’s latest – ‘The Wack Album’.

Adventures on the Tabletop: A Board Game Design Documentary

Adventures On The TabletopAdventures on the Tabletop is a Kickstarter project to fund Douglas Morse’s upcoming documentary covering all aspects of board game design. Read More…

Prancercise – The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence

PrancerciseJoanna Rohrback has developed the latest hit in full body exercises. Get ready to Prancercise! Read More…

Awesome Video of BMX Madman Tim Knoll

‘Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll’

Thanks to Boing Boing for sharing!