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2014 News Items to Remember

2014 Banner
This is a collection of the biggest news topics of 2014. You cared so much. You were so scared. What happened? Read More…

Coloring Book Corruptions And Demented Drawings

LogoA new website is making the rounds today and deservedly so. Coloring Book Corruptions is demented goodness. Read More…

Girls Don’t Poop – The YouTube Ad I Didn’t Skip

PooPourriYouTube ads are annoying, but every once in a while I come across one that I can’t bring myself to skip. Read More…

The Greatest Music Video

Watch the whole thing.

Hybrid Animals Created Through Photoshop Crossbreeding

Dirds Bulldog

I present to you a menagerie of hybrid animals including dirds, dorses, duckaphants, and more. Read More…

British Library Puts Over 1 Million Images Into The Public Domain

Baby KillingOver 1 million images from books published in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries have been released into the wild thanks to Microsoft & The British Library. Read More…

Mila Kunis Stars In Lisa Frank Commercial

Mila Kunis Lisa FrankLisa Frank built an empire out of sickeningly sweet neon animals. Bet you didn’t know an enthusiastic Mila Kunis starred in a commercial for the brand! Check it out. Read More…

Light It Up With Jii – Japanese USB Lighter Commercial

It’s time for some more Japanese weirdness. Here’s your favorite USB lighter, Jii!

“A B C D E F Jii — O P Q R S T USB”